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written entirely in one's own hand

written wholly in the handwriting of the signer

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The holographic packaging will be seen on Tetra Prisma Aseptic (330ml) packs offering Paper Boat's Alphonso Aamras and Pomegranate flavours.
The company's offerings currently include holographic AR advertising services and holographic AR entertainment products, with the former fetching about 80.5% of its total revenues in the fiscal year 2018 and the latter the remaining 19.5%.
[USPRwire, Wed Jul 24 2019] 3D Holographic Display Market: Introduction As advancements in display technology are being witnessed, a corresponding continuous introduction of advanced display types, such as 3D holographic displays, is also being witnessed in the market.
It is the leading holographic augmented reality (AR) application platform in China, in terms of total revenue in 2018, according to Frost & Sullivan, and has built the most comprehensive and diversified holographic AR content library among the holographic AR solution providers in China.
The IHMA said the award categories cover the full end-to-end spectrum of holographic techniques In origination, production and finishing, with the awards to showcase the best examples of design, artwork and techniques used in holographic origination to the application of holographic optical elements, for example in display screens, lighting, communications and vehicular systems.
[ClickPress, Wed Apr 17 2019] The expanding database of Market Research Reports Search Engine (MRRSE) has been recently updated by the addition of a new study which is titled as " Holographic Films Market is expected to be valued more than US$ 11,000 Mn by the end of 2024 ".
The average number of passes was 1.07 [+ or -] 0.258 and 2.33 [+ or -] 0.98 in the holographic guidance and control groups, respectively.
Analytical services and instruments company Spheryx Inc reported on Tuesday the receipt of the USD500,000 Phase II-B Small Business Innovation Research grant to support the development of Total Holographic Characterization for applications in research and development, quality control and manufacturing across multiple industries.
Although there is a prevailing trend from paper ID documents to plastic, the holographic paper market expands.
To justify that price, RED claimed the phone would come with a "holographic display." We've now got a better idea what that means: Think "Star Wars."
RED Digital Cinema, widely known for its cinema cameras, will release its own Android smartphone called the Hydrogen One in 2018, which features a "holographic display." Now, the company has finally explained the technology behind the phone's curious new display.
HOLOGRAPHIC SIGHTS have dominated the Special Operations community for well over a decade--and for good reason.
However, as various computer hardware costs decrease, CGH displays will become a viable alternative in the near future and thus pave the way for commercial real-time holographic 3D imaging [3, 4].