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the branch of optics that deals with the use of coherent light from a laser in order to make a hologram that can then be used to create a three-dimensional image

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When one moves around these works, a second, harmonic hologram sometimes appears, and from certain perspectives Forti's hands begin to stretch and blur thanks to what holographers call "time smear," visualizing that we are seeing a composite image recorded at different times.
Maragaret Benyon, holographer and pioneering holographic, artist has died.
According to Tristan Duke, artist and holographer, who created the Star Wars holograms, the entire process was undertaken using an analogue process.
Graham was an academic, hobbyist holographer, a natural teacher and a writer with an easy, light-touch style.
The excellent quality of the OptoClones was achieved thanks to Andreas Sarakinos, Head Holographer and Scientific Director of HiH.
Swiss company DiArts, founded by Ken Harris, has developed a new groundbreaking fully artificial intelligence (AI) robotically controlled origination system called Alice--a robotic holographer that requires no scientists to operate.
Resident holographer was Genadij Borovkov from Minsk in Belorussia, assisted by Dipl Ing Zbynek Ryzi, a postgraduate student at the Czech Technical University.
The world-famous J Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles recently announced the acquisition of 105 glass plate holograms by 20 artists related to the C-Project (C stands for the mathematical symbol for speed of light), a collaboration developed in the early 1990s between a group of internationally renowned contemporary artists and holographers who experimented with the hologram process.
World-renowned holographers are expected to use the event to publish papers on a range of topics - from commercial holography to scientific, technical and medical imaging.