holm oak

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hard wood of the holm oak tree

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evergreen oak of southern Europe having leaves somewhat resembling those of holly

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dispar pundits in this study is very significant for host plants; cork oak, chestnut and holm oak, concentration and distribution in surveyed sites and in connection with food.
This would have been complemented by a general decrease of holm oak forests and an increase in the amount and diversity of serial shrubs (some types of legume and cistaceae) associated mainly with the development of stockbreeding activities, proved with further evidence from pollen analysis.
Effect of site quality and shading on sprouting pattern of holm oak coppice.
At Stackpole just a few miles along the coast from Lydstep on the South Pembrokeshire Limestone Special Area of Conservation we are tackling the Holm oak," he said.
I thank all those who are supporting this great initiative including Tourism Northern Tasmania, the Hawthorn Football Club, the Tasmanian Hospitality Association, Wine Tasmania, Holm Oak Vineyard, Tourism Tasmania, Brand Tasmania and the Department of Education.
In the attractive courtyard there are box hedges, a rose bed and shrub border Behind the house is a landscaped, partwalled cottage garden with lawns, large Indian sandstone raised patio screened by clematis and pleached holm oak with brick edged gravel paths, rose covered archways and box parterre rose beds, herb garden, shrub and herbaceous borders.
Mt Gelas is the highest point in the Maritime Alps at 3,143m and the park is home to the holm oak, the Mediterranean olive tree, rhododendrons, firs, spruces and larches.
Contract notice: Works area development and redevelopment of 4 avenue holm oak (sector 1) of the aez nicopolis.
cent specimen trees including a blue cedar and a holm oak, both the subject of Tree Preservation Orders.
You skirt mountain lakes layered in haze and plunge into dense forests of pine, holm oak, cistus roses and wild flowers.
Ms White today congratulated two Northern recipients who received funding under the Tasmanian Government Innovation and Investment Fund (TGIIF) - Holm Oak Vineyard and Anchor Organics.
Among the Mediterranean tree species threatened by climate change were the cork oak, holm oak, Aleppo pine, and maritime pine.