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Synonyms for hollow

Synonyms for hollow

curving inward

lacking value, use, or substance

a space in an otherwise solid mass

an area sunk below its surroundings

Synonyms for hollow

a cavity or space in something

a small valley between mountains


remove the inner part or the core of

not solid

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as if echoing in a hollow space

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devoid of significance or point

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Rather than hollowly calling staff "associates" when they are de facto low-wage robots, Whole Foods empowers "team members" with real autonomy and profit sharing/gain sharing.
Statements of despair and desperation begin to sound hollowly melodramatic.
Howard considers the depiction of Elizabeth I in Heywood's If You Know Not Me, You Know Nobody as an important contribution to the altering attitudes toward female representation onstage because of the need to present both the young princess and the recently deceased queen, the former having to be positioned through material codes of femininity which inevitably resonated hollowly with female audience members.
force turns out to be another impotent travesty of "intervention," then the Darfur tragedy will continue to unfold, and the cry of "never again" heard after the Rwanda genocide will ring hollowly as "once again.
Even more disturbing than the image of Paulina standing off to the side of the stage alone during Gerardo's political speeches is the eerie picture of her smiling hollowly, her tragedy unacknowledged.
With the 1929 stock market crash, prosperity faltered, and by 1932, only a few footsteps echoed hollowly on Jerome's wooden streets.
The word "quality" is hollowly banged about by several insurance CEOs without a solid sense of its elusiveness.
The awkward use of prophetic rhetoric in defense of what is popular in liberal circles may help explain why Reform pronouncements often sound so hollowly grandiose.
So early in the morning, the station echoed hollowly and he sat on a bench for an hour and watched the people walk by.
Lizzie Francke Sight and Sound, November 1993 The Piano, garlanded with Cannes Festival prizes, is an overwrought, hollowly symbolic glob of glutinous nonsense .
And if our government has, as the President so loudly and hollowly proclaims, any honorable intentions toward labor, these facts must he taken into consideration.
Finally, given the nature of the blind beggar's symptoms, Homais's pledge to cure him resounds more hollowly and ridiculously than before.
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The tone of affectionate teasing must have echoed hollowly in