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Synonyms for hollow-eyed

pale and exhausted, as because of worry or sleeplessness

Synonyms for hollow-eyed

characteristic of the bony face of a cadaver

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Wiesel was a hollow-eyed 16-year-old when he emerged from the newly liberated Buchenwald concentration camp in 1945.
soundbite-manipulated souls who gush saltwater over images of hollow-eyed, jaundiced individuals and the accompanying saccharine prose.
Twenty years after the weavers and dyers' helpers returned hollow-eyed to the loom and the steam, Mazziotti led the other silk mill workers marching down the avenue in Paterson, singing the old union songs for five cents more an hour.
Long-haired, hollow-eyed and with a high-pitched voice, he begins trawling the highways at night looking for crime scenes to capture in real time on camera.
And babe is most definitely the word for them because where Europe knocks out hollow-eyed teenage clotheshorses that look like they would snap in a strong breeze, when designers are looking for the sort of long-limbed, buxom, Amazonian goddesses that make men drive their cars into underwear ad billboards, it is to Brazil they turn their attention.
Grungy, sad and hollow-eyed from too much booze and not enough sleep, Neeson's Bill Marks may be an air marshal, but he still grips the armrest on takeoff.
The Internet may have changed the world, but it has made hollow-eyed zombies of millions, as well as driving a virtual coach and horses through the high street, the media, the travel industry, even the old-style pornographic magazine industry which was once a rite of passage for curious male adolescents.
The hollow-eyed, emaciated young women who clatter up and down the runways in too-high heels with clothes in tiny sizes hanging from their nonexistent hips.
Nothing sounds less romantic than a hollow-eyed creature that looks well past its expiry date feeding on human flesh .
Bethan Whitcomb is hollow-eyed and uncomfortably swollen in the part, wrestling with Stephanie's demons.
Wearing a brown leather jacket with a thick gray scarf wrapped around his neck, the hollow-eyed father of three small children appears still in shock from the experiences he and his family endured in Qusayr.
Corporate Greed is a formally dressed and posed man whose pedestal is covered with ghostly, hollow-eyed humans, the collateral damage that keeps him elevated.
Hollow-eyed widows, often black in their weeds, would sit me down on the couch in the front room and place before me a cup of tea on a saucer with a silver spoon, or they might offer something a wee bit stronger from a cabinet polished like a jeweller''s clock.
El-ahrajrah This was the name given by the rabbits in the 1978 animated version of Richard Adams' novel Watership Down to their lop-eared deity, a shadowy hollow-eyed creature who'd gambol about collecting four-legged souls every time one of them karked it.
In the words of the hollow-eyed Libyan who turned to a TV camera to ask why the world was not intervening: "Where is everybody?