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Synonyms for hollow

Synonyms for hollow

curving inward

lacking value, use, or substance

a space in an otherwise solid mass

an area sunk below its surroundings

Synonyms for hollow

a cavity or space in something

a small valley between mountains


remove the inner part or the core of

not solid

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as if echoing in a hollow space

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devoid of significance or point

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Now Carol has retired but the Wooky Hollow is in the good hands of 'adopted scouser' Manny Benitez, from Benidorm.
PS1.50 | CADBURY CREME EGG EASTER EGG (138G) Hollow milk chocolate egg with a milk chocolate egg with a soft fondant centre.
Characteristics and Microcosmic Mechanism of Rural Hollow Villages in Less Developed Rural Area: A Case Study of Three Villages in Lankao County.
The priciest Laurel Hollow home sold in December was a 4-bedroom, 4.5-bath ranch on 2.2 acres at 1524 Laurel Hollow Road that sold for $1.06 million.
Preston Hollow Capital, the solution provider in municipal finance, has announced the hiring of Charlie Visconsi as Managing Director focused on transaction originations, the company said.
Kung dati-rati hindi kayo nababato bagamat kayo'y nambabato, ngayon po maghanda na kayo dahil kung kayo'y nambato, hindi lang po bato itatapon ko sa inyo, hollow blocks,' Roque said on Sunday in an interview with Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson before flying to Japan.
Editor Hannah Kincaid recently took the Gardener's Hollow Leg Junior (1 gallon; $19.99) on a hike, using it to store the red clover she collected.
While speaking with (http://tvline.com/2017/06/29/sleepy-hollow-season-5-stories-molly-lara/) TV Line, the actress said that she doesn't think the series finale was the best way to end "Sleepy Hollow." "Crane is off in Washington D.C.
Owen Egerton; HOLLOW; Soft Skull Press (Fiction: Literary) 25.00 ISBN: 9781619029408
Currently, there are many types of new wall materials, such as small concrete hollow block, aerated concrete block, and small hollow fly ash block.
Hollow microclimate is important for animal species and influences hollow selection by many species including bats, birds, possums andreptiles (Sedgeley 2001, Goldingay 2009, Bryant et al.
Auto Business News-August 17, 2016--Apple explores hollow battery technology for autonomous vehicle
Fox Hollow Technologies Inc., which was purchased by Ev3 Inc.
He says the actors also are visiting the grave of Washington Irving in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.