holistic theory

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the theory that the parts of any whole cannot exist and cannot be understood except in their relation to the whole

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In particular, traditional quantum mechanics is the first mathematically formalized holistic theory.
Based on a newly developed holistic theory of knowledge and learning, this paper critically evaluates several contemporary theories of adult learning.
In any event, most definitions agree that whole language is a holistic theory about or perspective on how language operates.
Abstractions would of course be necessary to present even a holistic theory of behavior, and any competent holistic theorist would accept as useful some abstraction of an economist such as demand theory, even if he felt the abstraction did not reveal enough on the issue at hand.
The new nursing program includes classes covering not only core work in the sciences, leadership, community and research necessary for the Bachelor of Science, but also classes in holistic theory and modalities for healing, health, and wellness.
Appreciative inquiry (AI) is based on the heliotropic principle, which has been variously described as art and science, holistic theory and practice, and practical philosophy and change process.