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A wanted person who was an alleged notorious holdup man in Caloocan City was nabbed during "Oplan Galugad" yesterday.
But he's wandered into the wrong place at the wrong time; an unhinged holdup man bursts in and blows away Hugh, the store owner and the latter's son.
Galapuz is a notorious holdup man, residents in the area said.
A holdup man died after a policeman shot him dead in Quezon City early Sunday morning.
Five of the six tellers who faced the holdup man told police he was extremely nervous and visibly shaking.
Gonzales was rushed by concerned citizens after a still unidentified holdup man shot her in the forehead around 4:50 a.
On the day the Philippine National Police announced the suspension, a holdup man on a barangay drug watch list was shot dead by unidentified men in Pasig City and 12 men involved in illegal drugs were arrested in Marikina City.
A barangay CCTV footage showed that the suspect who tried to grab Nick's bag was Reynold Clave alias Sakura, resident of Barangay South Signal, who was notorious in the area as a holdup man, Pat Henry Duenas, barangay chairman of Central Signal, told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.
Anthony Bagsik, team leader of the Station Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operations Task Group, said Monteroyo was on their watch list as a drug pusher and holdup man.
PO2 Dennis Turla said that written on a cardboard left near the body was a message claiming that the victim was a snatcher, holdup man, burglar and drug pusher and urging other people not to emulate him.
Found on his body was a cardboard with 'Snatcher, holdup man, pusher don't emulate' written on it.
The corpse was found with a sign in Filipino saying: 'I'm a pusher, holdup man, car thief.
A first year Hotel and Restaurant Management student of University of Manila died after being repeatedly stabbed on Tuesday morning by a holdup man while on board a jeepney in Quiapo, Manila.
MANILA -- A holdup man fleeing from his victim on Edsa ended up dead in Quezon City after he and his accomplice figured in a shootout with a policeman chasing them Monday night.