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a pen where livestock is temporarily confined

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At the holding yard, the trees will be continuously monitored, irrigated, and fertilized, and are expected to grow to 25 feet by the time they are transported and installed on the Plaza.
Initially I just wanted to be a holding yard for ferrets but it's grown and grown," said Carol.
We did not meet the distance between our holding yard and non-related facilities, worse than that we did not meet the distance to related facilities either.
While the bull is off the main exhibit, he has access to the barn and holding yard.
Lift trucks off-load pallets of plants for customer orders into a holding yard, and then transport empty pallets back for reloading.
Transport and Infrastructure Principal Secretary John Mosonik while touring the stretch last week also announced that the government will construct a checking point where lorries will be inspected to ensure their brakes are working and a holding yard in Kibunja.
Tenders are invited for Construction of bath rooms, pre-cast toilet blocks with over head water tank in holding yard area at YTPS site
Hassett asking that officers keep an eye on yard sale permit scofflaws who are holding yard sales on a weekly basis without permits.
A new bridge would not only carry cars from the new holding yard to the ferry sailings to Dublin and the Isle of Man, but would also carry coaches meeting passengers off cruise liners when the new landing stage is in place.
Carter said Karam was holding yard sales in an alley between their houses almost every weekend, causing traffic and noise.
The works to be carried out shall include construction of emergency runaway, truck rump, construction of lorry brakes temperature checking point and holding yard in Kibunja, construction of dual carriageway at the 10 kilometre climbing lane section, widening of Nyanja/Kamara Bridge, road marking with reflective cat-eyes and signage, as well as repair and installation of guardrails," the stament said.
Wing and her daughter have held small fundraisers at Vytek, the family's Fitchburg business, selling candy and holding yard sales, to raise money for breast cancer research and to raise awareness about the disease.