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a state of inaction with no progress and no change

the flight path (usually circular) maintained by an aircraft that is awaiting permission to land

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were those derived from simulated transport and holding procedures during a simulated biomedical bleeding process.
High mortality in these tournaments probably was related to unusual handling and holding procedures (August) and depressurization illness (September).
We know by now that performing six approaches, holding procedures and intercepting and tracking using navigation systems every six months isn't a full solution to the problem of remaining proficient in all aspects of contemporary IFR operations.
It's tougher for some students than others, but getting comfortable on the radios is just as crucial for instrument flying as polishing holding procedures and shooting approaches.
For example, the current PTS indicates a pilot must exhibit "adequate knowledge of the elements related to holding procedures.
Since it's a task we can be asked to perform at any time when on an instrument clearance--and one that at least in some areas may be becoming more common--let's review holding procedures, then look at some workload-reducing tricks for flying published and unpublished holding procedures in a busy, single-pilot cockpit.