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a pen where livestock is temporarily confined

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Thus, this study aimed to analyze different holding pen climatization systems through environmental variables, their influence on productive responses and the economic viability of implantation.
CORVALLIS - Wildlife officials say a handful of pheasants were released after animal rights activists vandalized a holding pen at a wildlife area north of Corvallis.
Meanwhile, the tension ramps up in the backstage holding pen before the first round - general knowledge.
But then it was back to the holding pen as the Chancellor and his team left the building, set for another brief visit on their whistle-stop tour of the handful of seats that will decide the election.
The gorings were the first to occur this year at the annual festival, in which thousands run with the bulls along a 850-metre route through narrow cobbled streets between a holding pen and the city bullring.
The six bulls from the Victoriano del Rio ranch took just two minutes and 14 seconds to complete the 848.6-metre (928-yard) course from a holding pen to the city bull ring.
It wasn't that long ago when the Sheffield Shield was seen as a holding pen for Test cricketers, with stars such as Darren Lehmann, Mike Hussey and Brad Hodge plugging away for years waiting to get picked.
All Smith's Dock Park groups will be taking part, with South Park Rangers Junior FC hosting a mini Olympics (registration 11.30am) and the bowling and cricket clubs holding pen days.
He arrived at the park on Thursday and is now being released into a special holding pen where he and resident polar bear Mercedes will be able to see each other for the first time.
Rajesh Lakshman wrote the SSC examination holding pen with his legs and scored 71%.
The Red Cross said several people were treated by mobile units along the 850m course from a holding pen to Pamplona's central bull ring.
The six fighting bulls and six bell-tinkling steers meant to keep them in a pack stayed together for much of the 930-yard dash from a holding pen to the city's bull ring.
But I've been in this holding pen alone for three-and-a-half hours, without food or water, and have, already, in that period of time, been hauled out five times for interrogating (the first couple of times, I'd describe it as questioning; after that, it became worse) by four different people.
It is still putting the final ink to its financing, but already the concrete pad for its holding pen has been poured and bulldozers are leveling the 5-acre site off Bearsden Road for construction of the processing plant and retail store.