holding pattern

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a state of inaction with no progress and no change

the flight path (usually circular) maintained by an aircraft that is awaiting permission to land

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In most of these cases, the holding pattern is charted and should be flown as depicted.
It's fairly rare, but some IFR departure and arrival procedures employ a holding pattern used by pilots to climb or descend to/from a safe altitude over a small geographic area.
PRINCETON, NJ -- No signs of any breakthrough consumer optimism from Gallup Poll Daily tracking on the economy; consumer attitudes are in a negative holding pattern with 39% calling current economic conditions "poor" and 84% saying they are getting worse.
Other findings, consistent with the holding pattern, are as follows:
Food banks are in a crisis holding pattern because of the economy's relative stability," Nyborg said.
For more than two years, the progress in Iraq has often appeared to be in a holding pattern - waiting for an election, the training of more Iraqi troops, or a waning of the insurgency.
The aircraft was kept in a holding pattern above the Greek island of Kythnos after reporting the problem and made its landing in Athens successfully at 1755 local time.
During this more challenging time, their business remains in a holding pattern, not unlike most agricultural businesses dealing in livestock.
co-chairs of the final ETAA negotiations, appear to be in a holding pattern.
Instead, McEwen served up a warmed-over selection of conceptual witticisms that, while slickly executed and superficially appealing, ultimately settled into a holding pattern of comfortable irony and self-satisfied gimmickry.
After several quarters in a holding pattern where North-American production levels remained essentially flat, the demand for injection molded products will start to accelerate at a moderate yet steady pace during the rest of this year and into 2005.
The cause this time is the Bisexual Foundation, a nonprofit San Diego-based group that's up against the still-pervasive idea (even among lesbians and gays) that bisexuals are stuck in a sexual holding pattern, a 1970s-era Ziggy Stardust-fueled experimental phase they never outgrew.
The case is currently in a holding pattern while the nightclub and its insurance carrier, Clarendon America Insurance Co.
The Fed has been in a holding pattern so far this year, maintaining the lowest short-term rates in over four decades in order to support the budding economic recovery.