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The Laptop Holding Device offers full utility as a back pack when not in use as a holding device.
The Laptop Holding Device is also the subject of Utility Patent 8,453,897 B2 within the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
Among its features are a solid base with three-point support for quick and stable installation, easy access for loading and unloading work pieces and a stationary table that adapts to automated work holding devices. The center is available in 4 or 5-axis configurations and offers various automation options.
It explores both external setup (selection of tools, cutters, and holding devices) and internal setup (jaw mounting, tool loading, tool size setting, setting Program Zero, and checking out program parameters).
Among the "do's" were: "Plan to relieve the hands of all work that can be done more advantageously with the feet, power tools or holding devices. And plan, whenever practical, to apply the part to the tool rather than tool to the part."