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Statistical analyses: The number of attacks on individuals similar and dissimilar to the holdfast and the difference between the size of male and female were compared by the Mann-Whitney test, because data did not follow homoscedasticity.
Holdfast Bay and Melbourne, Mataro and San Jose only have three perspectives.
Agardh) exhibit stolon-like branches arising from a discoid holdfast which is a diagnostic character of S.
Whatever it is and however it works, something akin to holdfast keeps Waldport's Big Wheel Restaurant hanging on despite a wheel- spinning January.
After germination the seeds all formed holdfast roots to the cork host; but later generations do not show any interest in forming roots and rely on the plant structure for attachment (fig.
This type of fossil usually has a long and narrow but flexible, gently tapering tube with a cup-like attachment disc, or holdfast, at the pointed end, which once anchored the organism to the sea floor, or to a hard surface such as a shell or another Sphenothallus.
Le Guin's Hainish novels, James Blish's Cities in Flight quartet, Suzy McKee Charnas's Holdfast Chronicles, Frank Herbert's Dune series, and Cordwainer Smith's stories of the Instumentality of Mankind.
Brag is a good dog, but Holdfast is better; something the supermarkets need to learn.
Thallus umbillicate, attached to substrate by a central cord or holdfast DERMATOCARPON 1.
Old Holdfast courts his son's intended, young Isabella, remarking that 'a Pretty Woman [will] make an old Fellow young .
St Athan, the only bidder for both contracts, is also confident of winning this element, against the Holdfast consortium which is proposing to spread the work around a number of sites.
has received its first contract to supply its HoldFast panels to western Australia following previous successful contracts in Victoria and elsewhere where Rosehill's rubber crossing panels are now said to be the first choice.
Wallsend-based Holdfast Wall Ties Ltd developed a new type of remedial wall tie which provides an easier and more efficient way of securing cavity walls together in homes where traditional ties have failed.