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Synonyms for holder

Synonyms for holder

a person who has legal title to property

Synonyms for holder

the person who is in possession of a check or note or bond or document of title that is endorsed to him or to whoever holds it


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The holder may sometimes get the right kind of instruction, but most often he doesn't.
This is technology that allows us to track our shipments," Holder told a Washington Chapter meeting of the National Defense Transportation Association, on March 18, in Roslyn, Va.
A Day's Work recently designed and added single instrument holders for wheelchair trays to its line of music therapy products.
However, the proposed regulations provide a facts-and-circumstances test under which an option holder may be treated as a partner prior to exercise, if appropriate.
There must be a fixed and certain legal obligation of the holder to the owner.
On abandonment, a holder must remit the property to the appropriate state, which in theory takes possession of it for the rightful owner; should the true owner be located, the state legally is obligated to return the property to him or her.
Geoffrey Holder, too, has links to the islands, as a cook and as a dancer (for Katherine Dunham, on Broadway, Dance Theatre of Harlem, Ailey, his own companies, among many).
As a copyright holder myself, I can sympathize with the people who are worried about the Internet's effect on intellectual property rights - as I said before, the Internet is, in a very real sense, a huge copying machine.
6 provides that an account holder may bring an action against an institution for failing to comply with the act or the implementing regulation.
On conversion, the holder must also include as ordinary income the excess of the fair market value (FMV) of the stock it receives, over the basis in the debt instrument (i.
The best choice of holder is a player who is used to handling the ball frequently during a game; namely, a first or second-team QB or a receiver.