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resist or withstand wear, criticism, etc.

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'There was a mini-fountain in one of the schools we visited which we covered with soil because it can possibly hold water where mosquito eggs can thrive,' he said.
To rid Aedes aegypti mosquitoes of breeding spots, the EcoWaste Coalition urged the public to take these preventive steps to heart: frequently inspect and remove stagnant water in your household and neighborhood, get rid of discards that can collect and hold water, recycle or dispose of water-collecting containers that are not needed, keep recyclables dry and clean, change water in flower vases weekly, flip the flowerpot plate to remove water, cover water pails, drums, and tanks with lids or mosquito-proof mesh, empty and clean water containers thoroughly once a week, clear the roof gutter of leaves and other debris so that pools of water do not form, and puncture or cut old rubber tires used as roof support to avoid collecting water.
The leaked memos have offered a lot of fodder for gossip, but the observations of Kim Darroch do not hold water. Iran has been meddling in the domestic affairs of countries and doesn't believe in regional cooperation.
'To eliminate the breeding grounds of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, we must improve hygiene and the environment around where we live and must ensure there is nothing inside or near our houses that can hold water."
The bear thesis on the June 6 Valrox Phase 2 year three update readout "simply does not hold water," Raymond tells investors in a research note titled "Everyone Just Take a Breath; Remain Confident in Valrox After Management Dinner." The bear thesis centers around management seeing regular updates to the data, but the company took pains to explain the blinding protocols in place and insist it has been blinded since the two year update, says the analyst.
Officials have asked people to be prepared for the situation by installing large tanks that can hold water for 48 hours.
LAHORE -- An Indian delegation led by Indus Water Commissioner PK Saxena is reaching Lahore today to hold water talks with Pakistani officials.
It described the portion that collapsed as a "saddle dam", which is an auxiliary dam used to hold water beyond what is held by the main dam.
The declaration noted the intention of the Government of Tajikistan to hold Water Action Decade Conferences in Dushanbe on a biennial basis and to keep organizing them in an open and inclusive manner and invite all states, the United Nations, including UN-Water, and other relevant stakeholders, to actively participate in this Dushanbe Process.
Dr Bradley said: "The message we have to get across is that to stop flooding downstream, you have to hold water at source."
A high-level Pakistani delegation arrived in Washing-ton on Sunday for the three-day talks, which would cover four key points: the height of the Kishan-ganga dam, its capacity to hold water, Pakistan's demand for setting up a court of arbitration to settle the dispute, and India's counter-demand for an international expert.
The government started emptying two other dams at the Patel farm - Marigu and Milmet - after it emerged that their earthen walls were too weak to hold water.
Another method is to construct an underground dam that can hold water, which can then be used later, he added.
The APHC Chairman said arrogance, haughtiness and persistent denial can't hold water for long and India has to come to terms with the writing on the wall, lest this unresolved and unaddressed volcano can erupt and burst anytime - engulfing millions of people in this region.