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resist or withstand wear, criticism, etc.

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In a letter to constituents on the issue, Obama explained that while he agrees with Feingold that the President "exceeded his authority with his domestic wiretapping program," and furthermore, that the Administration's justifications don't hold water, he doesn't support censure.
Backfill the hole with soil and make a ring of dirt around the tree to help hold water.
If [the pot is] to hold water, then you need one that has been high-fired--the higher the temperature of the kiln, the more sealed the clay.
His excuse that he didn't get a good view of the tackle simply doesn't hold water.
More than 90 per cent of Haiti's trees have been chopped down, leaving nothing to hold water back from low-lying towns.
In my view, the idea of putting the Fourth Grace on the old Cammell Laird site does not hold water, mainly on the grounds of cost.
Applying compost to your garden adds helpful nutrients to the soil, guards against diseases and pests, can enhance soil's ability to hold water and air and may even extend plants' growing season.
The STS Steam-to-Steam Humidifier with Vapor-Logic control has a temperature sensor to hold water at a preset temperature, data reports, backlit display, and real-time clock that allows time-stamped alarm tracking and the ability to program draining for preset times.
3][R] control, which adds many new capabilities, including: PID control, allowing accurate, responsive, and adjustable RH control; a temperature sensor that enables the controller to hold water at a preset temperature, allowing a rapid response to a call for humidity; data reports to monitor humidifier performance; easy-to-navigate, intuitive menus; easy-to-read backlit display; and a real-time clock that allows time-stamped alarm tracking and the ability to program draining at preset times.
But that attitude doesn't hold water with Greenberg.
This pretreatment increased the fibers ability to hold water and caused severe internal delamination of fiber walls, with little effect on fiber length.
Pascal Lamy, the European Commission trade chief, has stated that claims made by the USA that Airbus Industrie's A380 superjumbo aircraft project is subsidised do not hold water.
One of the early great tanks (reservoirs built to hold water from the brief monsoon) stretches out in front of the hotel and, together with a dramatic rock outcrop, determines its location.
Tradenamed the Omni "WaterEater," the polyethylene nonwoven sleeve is designed to be lowered into a tank to absorb and hold water in a gel form.
They like fertile, well-drained soil and won't survive the winter in waterlogged conditions, so make sure you dig in plenty of garden compost before planting to improve the soil's ability to hold water without waterlogging.