hold up

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  • verb

Synonyms for hold up

hold up something as an example

cause to be slowed down or delayed

rob at gunpoint or by means of some other threat

resist or confront with resistance

resist or withstand wear, criticism, etc.

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Highways chiefs say there could be slight hold ups on the Gateshead Western Bypass, between the Kingsway and Coalhouse Interchanges, where a noise barrier is being installed.
For cocktails try the silver grey sheers from the Elegance range (also HofF), pounds 4 for tights and pounds 6 for hold ups and stockings.
15 per hour based on four major types of truck-related delays along freight corridors, including constraints at interchanges, signalized intersections, hold ups caused by steep grades, and lane reductions.
AM Williams for action A55 hold ups "Any delays are regrettable but we would urge drivers to remember that safety improvements and maintenance works on the A55 are not only a reflection of the increased volume of traffic that use the route on a daily basis, but also of the commitment that the Welsh Assembly Government have placed in the economic prosperity of the region.
EVERY evening there are massive traffic hold ups along the Foleshill Road out of the city.