hold up

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  • verb

Synonyms for hold up

hold up something as an example

cause to be slowed down or delayed

rob at gunpoint or by means of some other threat

resist or confront with resistance

resist or withstand wear, criticism, etc.

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The black seamed hold ups are perfect for carrying a concealed weapon - there is a diamante studded gun motif on a the plain satin band.
There is no doubt all councils would wish to see this happen to reduce traffic density and eliminate long hold ups, but I doubt short hold ups will ever disappear no matter how good a public transport system is and even if finance was not a problem.
Highways chiefs say there could be slight hold ups on the Gateshead Western Bypass, between the Kingsway and Coalhouse Interchanges, where a noise barrier is being installed.
In five shades, they're pounds 3.95 for tights and pounds 5 for hold ups. For cocktails try the silver grey sheers from the Elegance range (also HofF), pounds 4 for tights and pounds 6 for hold ups and stockings.
DOWN TO A TEASE: Heart mesh babydoll EUREUR28.80, thong EUREUR8.60, handcuffs EUREUR14.40, eyemask l14.40; ON THONG: Heart mesh babydoll EUREUR28.80, thong EUREUR8.60, EB by Erickson Beeman necklace EUREUR50 and bracelet lEUR50; CRACKER: Heart mesh peep bra EUR21.60, hipsters EUR11.50, J micro net hold-ups by Jasper Conran EUR11.50; IN THE PINK: Babydoll lEUR28.80, thong EUREUR11.50, diamante back seam hold ups EUR11.50, earrings EUREUR26, necklace EUREUR28.80; BLACK MAGIC: Feather bra EUREUR28.80, hipsters EUREUR14.40, large net hold ups EUR11.50, choker l72, bracelet l50; WHITE CHRISTMAS: Feather bra EUR28.80, thong EUR11.50, J by Jasper Conran diamante back seam hold ups EUR11.50, Jon Richard Pearl Necklace EUR28.80; TICKLE YOUR FANCY: Feather babydoll EUR36, thong EUR11.50