hold the line

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hold the line on prices

hold the phone line open

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The Ministry of Education is finally coming to the realization that if it doesn't hold the line on foreign imports, it soon won't have a language left to defend.
As they have indicated in previous surveys, corporate real estate executives plan to hold the line on expansion.
They're now in a position to hold the line on prices, luring customers away from the Flynns of the world and driving them out of business.
In addition to Corona, Gambrinus will also hold the line on pricing for its Modelo products.
If Villaraigosa can continue to hold the line on lavish raises to city workers, then the trend of giving away the treasury -- then hitting up the taxpayers for more -- might be on the wane at last.
REGARDING the Liverpool City Council Direct Line: When people ring this number, they do get an answer in 20 seconds but then they are told to hold the line as all the advisers are busy.