hold sway

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Sialvis hold sway in Sargodha, Khushab, Chiniot, Faisalabad and Jhang districts.
Well, the compensatory tweaks have just been announced, including the return of the 40-percent 'commercial viability' provision-which has effectively made popular, star value-laden flicks hold sway again.
Until somebody steps up to the plate, the business case for the Easter double header will continue to hold sway.
Who are these idiots that hold sway on such decisions?
The result of the next election is wide open and a Labour Party standing up for the underdog and against powerful vested interests which usually hold sway is what is needed and has my complete support.
NNA - Damascus said on Wednesday it was ready to cooperate with Iraq "to face terrorism represented by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria organization (ISIS)," which is fighting in both countries, and which managed during the last hours to hold sway of Nineveh province and other regions.
Besides, the BJP has not attached much importance to either states, as the regional parties hold sway over the voters.
Unlike the U.S., where federal regulators hold sway, in Brazil, states or municipalities are free to interpret the law as see fit.
But the Taliban said their fighters continued to hold sway in the areas, calling the government's claim as a false propaganda.
"And if (even) we do not implement (our own approved) these policies, it could endanger the future of contract employees of central government; because PPP does not hold sway there" he expressed.