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directed all the regional DGs to hold open court in their
Next, unhook the small hold open spring (#34) from the hold open (#33) and then from the magazine release button (#21).
Ashrafi said that he could to hold open debate (Manazra) with Dr Qadri over many issues, including certain political ones.
WARWICKSHIRE College will hold open events at its six centres next week for people to find out more about its courses.
Separately, Hamza Mansour, the head of the Central Committee of Contract Teachers at Public Secondary Schools, said contract teachers will hold open-ended sit-ins near the Education Ministry and the Council of Civil Service during the Christmas holiday to protest Education Minister Hassan Diab's plan to hold open examinations to fill vacant teacher posts in public secondary schools.
Lord Leebrick Theatre Company will hold open auditions for the musical comedy "Avenue Q" from 10 a.m.
A Number of NGOs of Kyrgyzstan demands to hold open competition for the position of State Secretary of re-established Ministry of Social Protection, reported in the appeal of 26 NGOs released on December 29, 2010 in media.The appeal stressed that status of the Ministry of Social Protection was restored by efforts of civil society and more that 30 NGOs together with inter institutional governmental working group.
The Granada Reports Tour of Talent will hold open auditions at Rhyl's Events Arena today.
Producers of the musical are to hold open auditions for the roles made famous by Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in the 1987 movie.
The Braehead boss will hold open trials on Wednesday night at Glasgow's Kelvin Hall.
For example, coronary stents, intended to hold open a blood vessel after angioplasty surgery, eventually can provoke reclogging, so the coatings may prove particularly valuable there.
On July 9, Deputy Oil Minister for International Affairs Hossein Kazempour Ardebili told a press conference: "We hold open the path of participation by US companies - although not in the near future - in Iran's oil (and gas) projects, namely the Azadegan oilfield".
is less likely to hold merely an option in that property." In addition, KLP's activities did not indicate that it was looking at other properties for potential development and that it simply sought to hold open its choice to pursue development of Greendale's tract.
These independent agents and theatrical production companies travel to major cities and hold open auditions usually twice a year (See Dance Magazine, January ads and classified).