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directed all the regional DGs to hold open court in their
Next, unhook the small hold open spring (#34) from the hold open (#33) and then from the magazine release button (#21).
Do a good deed: give up your seat on the train, hold open a door, share your lunch with a colleague
Newport city council is planning to hold open days on Sunday, July 3, and Sunday, September 11.
For example, coronary stents, intended to hold open a blood vessel after angioplasty surgery, eventually can provoke reclogging, so the coatings may prove particularly valuable there.
On July 9, Deputy Oil Minister for International Affairs Hossein Kazempour Ardebili told a press conference: "We hold open the path of participation by US companies - although not in the near future - in Iran's oil (and gas) projects, namely the Azadegan oilfield".
Here the clawlike hardware gripping the stacked sequence of leather cylinders also acts to hold open their outer layer to bare the alarmingly raw and flesh-like involutions of the subcutaneous interior.
These independent agents and theatrical production companies travel to major cities and hold open auditions usually twice a year (See Dance Magazine, January ads and classified).
MARDAN -- Pakistan Hockey Federation has decided to hold open trials for the KPK under 16 players at Mardan on November 30.
The hold open latch is chromed with the last two digits of the serial number as are all the other parts and has no look of repair work.
Her data correlating acute ozone episodes with high-pressure areas hold open the prospect that weather forecasters might one day give farmers a couple days' warning before plant-choking ozone conditions arrive.
SARGODHA -- District Police Officer (DPO) Sohail Choudhary has directed all the Station House Officers (SHOs) of 27 Police Stations to hold open court (Khulhi kutchery) in their relevant stations to ensure early redressal of complaints.