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Synonyms for hold forth

talk at length and formally about a topic

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Commentary and comedy programmes alike allow guests to hold forth with bigoted, left-wing propagandist views.
It'll hold forth on Monday 8/10/15 at 5:00 PM eastern.
Actually, of course, Ellie Irving creates a very bright, funny and deliciously perceptive (except when he fails to realise that his family love him dearly and that he doesn't have a monopoly on insecurity) character in her narrator whose most obvious talent, and one of which he is justly proud, is being able to name and hold forth about four hundred and three varieties of cheese.
Yet the Moral Minority who hold forth on our Pampered Prima Donnas believe they set a shocking example to our children.
DG, as it is stated that on the expiration of the tenure of a Director General, the most senior director at the center should hold forth for a stipulated period of time until a substantive DG is appointed.
As in the former entries in the series, this novel takes place in Florida, giving Serge the opportunity to hold forth on the many locales and highlights of the State.
You hold forth on the importance of using good tehina in your cooking, and sneer at anyone who dilutes it with water rather than with pure lemon juice.
Summary: Several dozen politicians and other figures from Lebanon made the trek to Damascus over the weekend to hear Syrian President Bashar Assad hold forth on several aspects of the war raging between his regime and rebels seeking to overthrow him.
Maybe she should hold forth with a diatribe about the gift or should she say "keep the blinking things"?
The Kingdom Holding boss will hold forth for over an hour in conversation with Steve Forbes, editor-in-chief of business bible Forbes as the magazine's Global CEO Conference gets into full-swing today.