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To do the reboot, hold down the Digital Crown and Side button simultaneously for 10 seconds until the Apple logo shows up.
His semi-final fight was against his England team-mate and training partner Oliver Booth, of Huddersfield Judo Club, which he won with a hold down after countering a throw from Booth, who went on to take the bronze medal.
If you accidentally hold down the power button for longer than 1 second, allow the system to complete the power-up sequence, then reboot the SUGV.
If Henderson wants to hold down that other spot then he needs to be contributing more often.
Many older Americans who have Medicare coverage are willing to pay more to keep their coverage, and they say they are willing to make some small changes to hold down health costs.
HALF of students hold down jobs while studying, with many working more than 20 hours a week, a poll suggests.
"You could hold down an icon on the front, and slide on the back to move an icon, or use the message bar, or create a new application," Discovery News quoted Masashi Tagaya, in DOCOMO YouTube video, as saying.
One insurer said it started cutting brokers' individual and small group product commissions in the fourth quarter of 2010, and that the cuts in commissions had helped hold down premiums.
Local metal bar appearance, epic dumpster trash and smash brawl, wake up on a ramp to screaming Catholic school children, drive to Blackpool, Stu suffers a powerstack on the mini, big Al and Nays hold down a hesh sesh for Woody, done.
Elderly people who bustle around the house, spend much time on their feet, climb stairs, and hold down jobs might be buying themselves precious years of life.
When asked how Cheri manages to hold down her full time position with Butler Rogers Baskett while simultaneously running Canstruction[R], managing partner Charles Baskett stated, "We honestly don't know how she does it."
"Pain specialists make an important distinction between patients who depend on opiates to function normally--to get out of bed, tend to household chores, and hold down jobs--and addicts who take drugs for euphoria, and whose lifestyles deteriorate as a result of taking opiates, instead of improving.
This self-service ability helps hold down any IT department involvement and related costs, Cognos says.
Bonus: In Word, when you hold down the Shift key and click on File, Save changes to Save All (see screenshot below).
Also, price competition is expected to hold down overall value gains.