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be fond of

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'I say to you today in full humility: the Philippines - as ASEAN Chair - will remain steadfast in upholding the ideals and values we hold dear and in working for the realization of our shared aspirations.
(2) This is the system where the fundamentals of our profession--compassionate care, patient advocacy, therapeutic nurse-patient relationships and other hallmarks we hold dear --have been managed out of us.
HAPPINESS Happiness is: Loving and being loved in return Having children who are able to learn Knowing that someone is always there To share a pleasure, a worry, a care Happiness is: Taking for granted the things we hold dear Grateful for friendships warm and sincere Listening to music and songs of our time Excitement when finding a word that will rhyme Happiness is: A comfortable bed Four stout walls, a roof overhead With the home comfort and love Knowing that God's in his heaven above Happiness is: Enjoying good health For if we have that, we're enjoying great wealth To be able to think, laugh, hear and see That's what happiness means to me by Jean Burch, L36
This means that in the other quarters of the city, too, there are buildings that residents hold dear, and which are to be torn down or undergo a makeover.
We further believe it is entirely in believe it is entirely in keeping with the values we keeping with the values we hold dear as a club." hold dear as a club."
"The fabulous team of fundraisers have yet again come up with a fun way to help raise much needed money for local charities that myself and the mayoress hold dear to our hearts," councillor Ernest Gibson said.
When you are grown up, I hope you will continue to be an advocate for all we hold dear in our country-we need people like you.
And it showed that the things we hold dear as men are the same whether you are sweeping the roads or shaping the world.
We think about the folk we all hold dear, And with them all a Happy New Year!
The nefarious Lord Voldemort and his followers continue to grow in power, threatening everything that Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) and his followers hold dear. With Hogwarts in disarray, Harry, Ron and Hermione embark on a perilous quest to track down the mysterious Horcruxes and stop the forces of darkness from taking a stranglehold over the wizarding world.
People who said "this isn't the club we used to love, these aren't the ideals we hold dear" - then went out and did something about it.
You were such a special person in the way you cared, a beautiful nature and a heart of gold, these are the memories we will always hold dear in our hearts.
You didn't want houses, you made that very clear So let's build a pool on the land you hold dear So what do you all think of this great idea?
Of the 27 books of the New Testament, 13 of them are attributed to St Paul, and Holland argues that St Paul's teachings, far from distorting the message of Jesus, are at the heart of much of what Christians hold dear today.
The words within are moving, giving readers much to appreciate and hold dear, making "Powerful Prayers for Everyday Living" a strong choice for any religious reader.