hold close

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hold firmly, usually with one's hands

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We must grasp and hold close to our hearts those universal values that this wounded world and its inhabitants need so badly.
They wanted a place that could hold close to 100,000 and provide the fans with a hassle-free, festival atmosphere.
Slow cooling on the mold helps VIM hold close tolerances.
Baghdad / NINA /-- US Secretary of State John Kerry said in a press statement, "The United States informed the Iraqi government on the full redeployment's plan of special forces in Iraq," adding, "The two governments will hold close consultations on places and tasks of those forces .
The deal, worth GBP12bn, is expected to create a giant company that would hold close to one-third of the British savings and mortgage market.
Owner Northern Leisure has invested nearly pounds 1million in the projects and, between them, the two clubs will hold close to 800 people.
This time lag--ELM again--is too long to hold close tolerances.
If you are trying to hold close tolerances using older equipment (even 10 years old) this may be a problem.