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artificially formal

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II Trovatore - As a piece of science it's worthless but approached as a hokey horror, it's worth watching - although not before bedtime.
"As the Prince entered our music room, the children were doing the hokey cokey," said Chris.
"New Yorkers never had a reason to be in Times Square because the area was so hokey, but now there's hotels and offices and all these retailers and it fits together and feeds off of one another."
For those of you who missed the April event, the scene at the Friday night tasting went something like this: consumers milled around the room and sampled wines from various producers, vendors sold the usual array of hokey wine accessories and people nibbled on cheese cubes and crackers.
It also thwarted the awkwardness of having to sit out the Hokey Pokey or the Chicken Dance.
And it allows us to enjoy the "musical" part of musical theater even when the "theater" part is just too hokey for contemporary consumption.
Evidently bored with shuffleboard, bridge, and "Matlock" night, seniors at one Florida retirement home seem to have been taking the "hokey pokey" to a new level.
Sadly, the same couldn't be said for the hokey cokey.
I'm hoping the hokey cokey will make us all see sense.
The old favourite Hokey Cokey has been adapted to include the words 'Oh, Shola Ameobi', while The Kinks's hit Lola became the anthem for French midfielder I David Ginola.
He prefers to keep the action strictly above board and hokey.
Over 100 children were entertained by a comedy show, organised dance routines like the hokey pokey and the chicken dance, and celebrated with the many characters provided by the Big Moo such as Mooey the Cow and Spots the Butterfly.
Russian Prime minister has kept his word regarding Ice Hokey. Russian ice hockey players in February 2010 that Putin's promise to learn, so that the promise was fulfilled.
Callan does hokey cokey Neil Callan warmed up the crowd for a post-racing performance by The Wanted when powering Brave Dream home in the closing 6f handicap.
He's certainly the best thing in this hokey supernatural thriller about a copper who becomes increasingly convinced that the spirit of a crazed serial killer he helped put away has escaped the electric chair and is carrying on an otherworldly murder spree.