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Synonyms for hoist

Synonyms for hoist

to move (something) to a higher position

an instance of lifting or being lifted

Synonyms for hoist

lifting device for raising heavy or cumbersome objects

raise or haul up with or as if with mechanical help

move from one place to another by lifting


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According to public opinion, there has been a 15% increase in the proportion of people who participated in hoisting flag at home, a 18% increase in the proportion who hoisted flag on cycle, motor cycle/car, a 9% increase in the proportion of people who participated in a rally and a 14% increase in the proportion of people who watched special programs on the television.
Automating hoist rope inspection will result in an extra 30 to 35 minutes a day for hoisting ore and that, said Deschesnes, "translates into big dollars.
OSHA requires that all hoisting equipment be regularly inspected according to standards set by the individual manufacturer and ANSI.
The "Slide-Lok" features a unique locking mechanism that provides an added element of safety to hoisting operations.
development of the technical modernization of the hoisting machine - part .
A flag hoisting ceremony was held at Sadiq Public School Bahawalpur followed by special prayers and Fateha for the martyrs of Quetta incident.
Konecrane's ASR technology offers a compact solution for stepless adjustment of hoisting movements since the frequency converter is integrated to hoist electrical cubicle without extensive electric installation in the CXT wire rope hoist
After receiving a request for assistance from the Coast Guard, the helicopter hovered over the ship while AT3 Christopher Szabo was lowered onto the deck and prepared the survivors for hoisting.
New hoisting standards for deep mining and smelter training in Ontario will make the Ontario mining industry both safer and more competitive, according to an Ontario Labour Ministry spokesperson.
A design to fit all hoisting needs, the modular body construction of the RH Series is suitable for all mounting configurations: deck mounted; lug suspended; standard headroom trolley hoists and ultra-low headroom trolley hoists.
Yale Hoists began in 1875, when Linus Yale invented the differential hoist, thus launching the modern hoisting industry in the United States.
Having been the supplier of similar equipment to the MLRS program for over twenty years, we look forward to continuing our role as the key designer and manufacturer of mission critical hoisting equipment to armed forces around the world.
A great enthusiasm is being witnessed among the people including children found hectically busy in purchasing the national flags of Pakistan from the bazaars for hoisting atop their houses and vehicles on the national day.
With the launch of this hoist system, the plant is now able to hoist barren rock by increasing payload capacity to 35 tons and the speed to 14 m/s, while lowering hoisting energy consumption.
The current program consists of development/exploration drilling to expand the mine's gold resource, an upgrade of the shaft to increase the hoisting capacity, a change in mining methods from cut and fill to long hole open stoping, mine equipment purchases associated with the elimination of contract mining, and an expansion of the existing processing plant.