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Encouraged by Hoi Polloi's enlivening impact on the neighbourhood, two other venues, Strada Bar and Bonobos Club, have just opened in the same vicinity.
That ensures the hoi polloi won't get a look-in - unless they pay for the privilege by forking out for the mag.
Not for the hoi polloi, but most communities contain some who will grab it eagerly.
In theory, early investors in these private arteries would get a nice return on the money they plunked down long before the hoi polloi got into the act.
It's so difficult, after all, to earn millions creating entertainment for the hoi polloi and at the same time muster actionable concern for the social rights of those same poor from the comfort of your private Lear.
Instead of Bistro 990's champagne-laden excesses, where Toronto's chattering classes meet the best and worst of America's indie scene, Ottawa offers Chez Ani, a late-night spot where artists and the hoi polloi drink beer and see new films by neophyte animators.
The main attraction, though, is Melanie Griffith, hilarious as Honey Whitlock, a bitch-goddess movie star who can barely disguise her disdain for the hoi polloi. It's the sort of role that Charles Busch might have once fashioned for himself, but Griffith reminds us that women in female drag often have an edge over their male counterparts.
Should the good lady and some of her cohorts come down from their ivory towers and visit the hoi polloi of bridleways it could well result in her enlightenment.
issue of the Wall Street Journal's in-house newsletter, Style & Substance, ran this "flub from the Journal": "Few celebrities want to hang out where they can easily be found by the hoi polloi." Newsletter editor Paul R.
'Do we need a soothsayer to tell us that gross inconsequentialness and underdevelopment will continue to be the lot of the hoi polloi if the situation is not rescued by the APC led federal government administration.
The problem was also in the unequal application of the law and discrimination between the poor petty hoi polloi and the rich powerful lord.
Shameless Transport Minister John Hayes MP was trying to blag his way past the hoi polloi - but didn't get very far.
FUTURE kings may well need the common touch to endear themselves to hoi polloi - but a little subtlety, please.
In a sentence I never thought I'd write, Posh, 39, schlepped across London at 6am for a hardcore, full body workout with the hoi polloi.* Despite having use of a gym at home, on Monday the former Spice Girl opted for a bums and tums class - with a twist - alongside regular members of the Great British public.
But, then, showing skill to create something that might actually appeal to the hoi polloi is so old-fashioned, is it not?