hod carrier

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a laborer who carries supplies to masons or bricklayers

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Derek Lyall, 62, a hod carrier from Marske, said; Ann Lyall, a 61-year-old shop manager from Marske, said; Robert Hughes, 56, an electrician from Acklam, said; Martin Doyle, a 22-year-old student from Eaglescliffe, said; Ryan Robinson, 24, unemployed of central Middlesbrough, said; Alex Davison, 23, a shop assistant from Eaglescliffe, said
I might only be a hod carrier, and maybe it's not a trade, but I am finding it hard to understand why there are hardly any Scousers building their city.
He has changed the club with the help of John Robertson, the ex-Forest team-mate who was indirectly responsible for O'Neill receiving the biggest put-down of his life, when Brian Clough told him: 'Robertson's the genius - you're the hod carrier.
After leaving the service, he worked as a postal clerk, a hod carrier, a gypsum miner and a Fuller brush man.
Red Rover, Red Rover, will a hod carrier come over?
The hod carrier, 55, said: "I'd been going for so long and my last name was already Lane.
Mr Hector, a hod carrier, appeared to have died from severe burns in his bedroom, said Mr Balmain, sitting at his Smethwick office in Crocketts Lane.
Indeed, this bell-voiced belter can go from being rather striking and sexy to butcher than a hod carrier who opens beer bottles with his bare hands and strikes matches on the under side of his chin.
And he will use the lessons learnt tackling former hod carrier Jones to bring the best out of bad-boy Barton.
I had an off night but I'm determined to come back," said the self-employed hod carrier.
David Caines, 29, a hod carrier, also of Allendale Road, said: "I can see the house where the murder happened from my back window.
And Birchall, who Micky Adams jokingly described as Stern John's hod carrier in their national team, is delighted to be linking up with his Trinidad team-mate, for whom he qualifies by virtue of the fact that his mother was born there.
Showed that he can be a hod carrier as well as a playmaker - his battling display held his team together right to the end.
THE memory of a hod carrier who died building a Liverpool tenement has been honoured by safety campaigners.
ALASTAIR COOK went from Ashes hero to hod carrier in three weeks.