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sports implement consisting of a stick used by hockey players to move the puck

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Born on September 1, 1968, Shahbaz Ahmad is also called as Maradona of Hockey and is con considered to be among the best forwards in the history of field hockey, signed the hockey stick which also carried signatures of other legends of hockey who captained Pakistan team winning three Olympic gold medals and four World Cup titles.
But a witness to the incident described how "swarms of police" arrested two men in a van, and then seized what they believed was a golf club and a hockey stick.
I picked the Hockey stick to control the players, they must know that there are people who can teach them how to remain disciplined, he said.
The supposed authoritativeness of the Hockey Stick graph was derived from the fact that it was cited prominently and repeatedly in the reports of the IPCC, and featured as a visual in the media hoopla that surrounds each IPCC release.
They were armed with a razor blade and a hockey stick and waited for him to arrive, but they left after they failed to find him.
As Ashby continued to point the gun at him, the shopkeeper grabbed a hockey stick from behind the counter and tried to swipe the gun away as Ashby threatened him: Put the stick down' or I'll shoot you.
The Hockey Stick is an important book as well as an exciting and revealing one in the current crisis.
Described as a hockey stick because of its shape, it's been a target since it appeared in 2001 in a summary of climate change science produced by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
Horseback riders now have a new tool- the Horse Hockey Stick, introduced by Barn Buddies Boutique (barnbb.
The easiest way to locate this deep-sky duo is to imagine that the stars Alpha ([alpha]), Eta ([eta]), and Theta ([theta]) Cephei form a stubby hockey stick.
Sadly, the hockey stick graph is alive and well (http://climate.
THE HOCKEY STICK AND THE CLIMATE WARS: DISPATCHES FROM THE FRONT LINES discusses the "Hockey Stick", a chart showing global temperature data over the past thousand years, which demonstrated that temps had risen with the increase in industrialization and use of fossil fuels.
The robot's integrated electronics and software allows hockey stick makers to test their designs in a repeatable and controlled manner, McPhee said.
VETERAN keeper George Black first picked up a hockey stick, aged 20, as World War II was coming to an end.
A GREAT grandmother watched in terror as a thug battered her pet dog with a hockey stick while she was taking him for a walk.