hobo camp

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a place where hoboes camp


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Cottage Grove Ranger District - Hobo Camp, Cedar Creel, Lund Park, Mineral, Rujada, Musick Guard Station.
Fox River Trolley Museum offers a train ride, food and a visit to a "hobo camp" for stories and history.
Visit the hobo camp and enjoy some eats, treats and stories.
The man who sang at hobo camps, labor halls and at union rallies just couldn't stop making money.
Woodrow Wilson Guthrie, who was born in 1912 in Okemah, Okla., and died in 1967 at 55, powered his way through life by writing more than 3,000 songs, an autobiography (Bound for Glory), dozens of notebooks and drawings, and with a willingness to sing wherever the country's broke and broken would gather, from hobo camps to picket lines.
His sojourns in trenches, mines, tunnels, hobo camps, railroad boxcars, truck beds and torpedoed villages underscore, Hutton suggests, the anguished depths that haunt all war veterans--regardless of the hopes for a better world that propel multitudes of soldiers onto battlefields where death and destruction harbour zero respect for altruism.
He warned me 'bout the railroad bulls and told me where the hobo camps that made the best mulligan stew were on the way from Kansas to California.
Here, we see how Harlan, showing up in hobo camps or at union meetings across the country, came to be mythologized into a folk hero.
Through open boxcar doors and in hobo camps she'd seen elk at sunrise, eagles.
Whether in the jungles (hobo camps on the road) or in urban lodging districts, the lives of these migratory workers challenged mainstream "beliefs in private nuclear families, moderate domestic consumption, and steady work" (91).
Farms, mining camps, trestles, hobo camps, and whole towns cracked and burned.
Then a street source told me about an old hobo camped on the shore of the Sacramento River.