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Synonyms for hobnob

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The 32- year- old star was seen hobnobbing with Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o and others
Written by longtime showbiz columnist Eddie Sherman, Frank, Sammy, Marlon & Me: Adventures in Paradise with the Celebrity Set is a unique memoir of hobnobbing in Hawaii with the celebrity scene--from the day Frank Sinatra almost drowned in the surf, to a fake brawl that Burgess Meredith staged in a Waikiki nightclub, to good times shared with Elvis, Lenny Bruce, Bette Midler, Muhammad Ali, and many more.
He was out hobnobbing with the Sunni extremists and he got what he deserved - what is known as a Baghdad Haircut.
Perhaps he will use his active imagination on his 120-day tour while hobnobbing with fellow Republicans, who will certainly be snickering behind his back.
Those making the trip range from the politically well-connected, eager for a little schmoozing and hobnobbing, to party loyalists who want to see the fruits of their labor from a long re-election campaign.
Although the late albums show Lartigue hobnobbing with photographic heavyweights like Richard Avedon, who edited the first book of Lartigue's pictures.
Trent Lott's "inconsequential gaffe" cost him his position as Senate majority leader because it broke modern-day America's ultimate taboo: Lott seemed to express nostalgia for racial segregation (a statement that must be seen in the context of Lott's history, which included hobnobbing with the racist, segregationist Council of Conservative Citzens).
His numerous literary efforts (some more successful than others) to tell the multilayered, tangled story of African Americans, his hobnobbing with Claude McKay, Countee Culleen, Roland Hayes, and Langston Hughes, and his eagerness to "chaperone .
However, the Royal Family is guilty of hobnobbing with its inferiors.
GEF was last publicly seen at the AOL Time Warner Headquarters in NYC hobnobbing with HBO executives.
MERSEYSIDE gardeners were hobnobbing with the horticultural aristocracy yesterday.
SHAMED Jeffrey Archer is hobnobbing with the most elite villain in Belmarsh Prison - Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs.
But smoking a cigar makes you feel like you're in the upper echelon," hobnobbing with the likes of Schwarzenegger and DeVito.
The spooks take the occasional bashing in the press for, say, misplacing billions of dollars or hobnobbing with killers.
Bruhn's successors, Valerie Wilder and Lynn Wallis, and, after them, Reid Anderson, have nurtured the relationship with Carsen, who loves hobnobbing with artists.