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Synonyms for hobnob

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Recently he hobnobbed with such Hollywood luminaries as Morgan Freeman, Glenn Close, Sydney Pollack, Donald Sutherland, and Sam Waterston at a party given by the American Film Institute's George Stevens.
The recent Harvard survey, which focuses on Shahn's New York output of the '30s, when Shahn hobnobbed with Evans and learned photography from him, remedies that situation by emphasizing his work with the camera and by reuniting the photographs and the paintings.
Stone, who hobnobbed with politicians and industry leaders through his long tenure as the president of the New York Association of Realty Managers (NYARM), has since been unemployed and is without assets.
Ashton hobnobbed with aristocracy and with the Bright Young Things and inherited the last vestiges of the Diaghilev legacy through his associations with Ninette de Valois and with Leonide Massine, one of his formidable rival choreographers in the Britain of the late thirties and early forties.
Since 1992, Howlette has provided software development services to the computer industry and hobnobbed with fellow members of the National Coalition of Minority Businesses in Washington.
As the swanky Mayfair restaurant dished out the sake mule cocktails, Forest hobnobbed with Dames Judi Dench and Helen Mirren and the movie mogul Weinstein brothers.
But he also was a showman, a larger-than-life character who hobnobbed with celebrities and rode around town in a white Rolls-Royce.
When she stepped down in 1989, she had served longer than any other chief; had hobnobbed and traveled with royalty; wined, dined, and yachted with the rich and celebrated; seated thousands of dinners; attended untotaled receptions; presided over innumerable state visists and official functions; and indulged the whims of potentates and presidents.
For a man who hobnobbed with presidents and scientists, he was so unassuming.
Politicians and patrons hobnobbed, shaking hands heartily.
Usually, there's some surprise at how adventurous and fulfilling a life he led in such a short period of time,'' Hayes says of the adventurer who spent time in Alaska during the gold rush, sailed the South Pacific, served as a war correspondent and hobnobbed around the world with the rich and famous - and the down and out.
He hobnobbed with sports greats like Evander Holyfield, Dan Marino and Deion Sanders (one of his creditors, from whom Hammer borrowed $500,000), not to mention the Sultan of Brunei and members of the Saudi royal family.