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a short nail with a thick head

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supply with hobnails

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hobnails, coveralls, a kerchief for my locks, a flock
The earth under our hobnails had a dull metallic ring.
Constant references by the Byreman to "tacketty boots" were taken to refer to hobnails in a double-six pattern; the muttered words "Berwick Bridge" with its four arches alerted his partner to a handful of fours; and Morebottle's constant call for "beverage" was a veiled reference to William Beveridge, briefly Berwick's MP who was defeated in 1945 (four-five, get it?
Now, wearing hobnails, the Home Secretary's trampling on decency in becoming what she once reviled.
The final insult was when he took the booties out of my hand and said, "Tell you what Drind, I'll take the ribbon out and put a couple of hobnails in them, then I'll wear them for work".
THE hobnails in Jack's boots scraped noisily on the gritstone steps leading to the gloomy ringing room in the bell tower a hundred feet above Almondbury's ancient churchyard.