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a short nail with a thick head

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supply with hobnails

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The tubules of NA are lined by a single layer of cuboidal, columnar, or hobnail cells in contrast to the nests of urothelial calls in nested variant of urothelial carcinoma and the attenuated urothelial cells lining the tubules in the nested variant as well as urothelial carcinoma with small tubules.
Throw in more than her fair share of tragedy, a sprinkling of comedy (who can forget her hobnail boots on the Morecambe and Wise Show?
It was at this time that he formulated his Bisto Kid image; grey flannel suit, flat cap, school boy tie, football socks and hobnail boots.
Hobnail boots ring on the cobbles and scythes swish in the sky-blue late summer skies of long-gone lovely days.
I accept, grudgingly, that the steel-toecapped hobnail efforts of the late 1800s, were rightly kicked into touch.
The scherzo really should be marked YGustav Mahler, its cheeky solo violin as Viennese as sachertorte, but with Soviet workers in hobnail boots, rather than Austrian rustics, doing the dancing.
A backdrop video played early images of the Waterford-born, singer-songwriter who first appeared on the scene wearing a cloth cap and hobnail boots.
Mallory wore a Burberry suit over a woollen vest as well as a fur-lined motorcycle helmet and hobnail boots.
In hobnail boots, a customised denim waistcoat and skull and crossbones T-shirt, the burly, shaven-headed 53-year-old has made a career out of scavenging at boot fairs, reclamation and scrapyards.
The adventurers, wearing hobnail boots and heavy tweed clothing, disappeared on June 8, 1924 and were last seen within 2,000 feet of the world's highest peak.
But I tell them if they were talking to a friend in the street, they would not be put off if someone walked by with hobnail boots on.
There's no point in going on stage in slippers or hobnail boots.
The sound of hobnail boots marching on the cobbled roads, the chatter and laughter of the workers carrying through the air - the evening would be filled with their song.
Concerning histopathology, a bronchioloalveolar carcinoma (BAC) histologic feature and well-differentiated to moderately differentiated grades were earlier reported to predict responsiveness to the EGFR tyrosine kinase (TK) inhibitor and the presence of EGFR mutations (33,34) The finding that the hobnail cell type and a micropapillary morphology can predict a higher incidence of EGFR mutations in lung adenocarcinomas has been reported more recently.