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a person who pursues an activity in their spare time for pleasure

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The home hobbyist has an ever increasing number of options when it comes to gun finishes and the option I chose recently for finishing a Bisley grip frame was Gun Kote.
Business users and artists will appreciate Image Explorer Pro's power and feature-rich design, while hobbyists will enjoy the program's ease-of-use and price.
GAS ENGINE RESTORATION--From start to finish, Peter Rooke's newly revised, easy-to-follow narrative will impress and educate both new and experienced hobbyists with exhaustive coverage of the process.
Fellow hobbyists from the Facebook page Gundam Philippines congratulated him and shared their thoughts about Mediavillo's creation.
While hobbyist flying was no doubt a lot of fun, there needed to be strict punishment in place for those who flouted rules and caused a danger.
In the US, a Texas hobbyist was testing the camera on board his small UAV and captured a meat-processing facility dumping blood and toxic waste into a local stream, resulting in criminal action against the company.
Helal Humaid Saed Al Kaabi, Member of Board of Trustees and Head of Administration and Financial Committee of the Award, and Abdullah Salem Al Amri, Director of Culture and Arts at Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage and Waleed Al Zuabi, Director of Heritage and Arts at Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development and winners of the competition and a large turnout and attendees of date palm lovers and photographic hobbyists in UAE and the region.
Reavill added: "Our research has shown that there is a gap in the market among craft and hobbyist retailers that have seen their businesses grow through reputation or word of mouth but would now like to widen their market.
The film, called The Hobbyist, was filmed in Llanishen, Cardiff, and Cosmeston Lakes, near Penarth and is alsoavailable toviewon television, online and mobile phone.
Britain and the Netherlands are among the few places with long-term data on insect diversity, thanks to hobbyist groups that include Britain's Bees, Wasps and Ants Recording Society.
Of added value is a suppliers list that will prove especially useful for the novice model railroading hobbyist. If you are planning an outdoor railway system for your garden or landscape, then give a very careful reading to Jack Verducci's How To Design And Build Your Garden Railroad!
Stripped to the core, blogging is a charitable hobbyist's activity, a public service offered to the public pro bono.
We see a hobbyist's attention to form and detail and an image that doesn't bother to break the rules of the genre its title so straightforwardly names.
But most railway historians, it seems, have remained 'trainspotters' to a man--in the pre-Irvine Welsh sense--combining the enthusiasms of the hobbyist and the econometrician in scholarly mimicry of that singular British type.
It is just that Brownell's is the premier source of tools and supplies for anyone undertaking a gun-smithing project, be he home hobbyist or seasoned professional.