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a devotion to hobbies

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A long history of "Indianism" or Native American "hobbyism," for example, helps to promote Native American studies in countries like Germany, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Russia, Scandinavia, and Finland.
Nowhere has hobbyism taken firmer root than in the United States Senate, a no-heavy-lifting operation which has been the political equivalent of a duck whittler's convention for years.
Opposed to literary hobbyism and the anti-modernist, she determinedly dragged the Poetry Society into contemporary concerns.
The inclination on the part of the local non-Indian aristocracy to realize a fantastic indigenous past in public space is notable and a topic for future research in this region, a region that is known for its Indian hobbyism as well.
Fed by hobbyism, general cultisms (e.g., the "human potential movement"), and by a continuing revitalization of interest in Indians as spiritual healers of European ills, the commercial exploitation by Indian gurus has taken on a new life.