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Synonyms for hobbyhorse

a topic to which one constantly reverts

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a child's plaything consisting of an imitation horse mounted on rockers

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It is impossible to say exactly when the Finnish hobbyhorse craze began, because it spread for years under the radar before adults became aware of it.
But taken altogether, the silhouette resembles nothing so much as a child on its hobbyhorse, or a soldier on his mount.
Closing the loophole, which exists under 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code, has been a hobbyhorse of the retiring Sen.
His parents even installed a real saddle on the sitting room footstool with the head of a hobbyhorse stuffed between the sofa cushions so he could pretend to be a cowboy.
Afghan President Hamid Karzai's impudent badmouthing of Pakistan at just the drop of a hat is by-now a long familiar hobbyhorse, though.
Claiming cybernetics to be the theoretical hobbyhorse behind much of Downey's production, curator Julieta Gonzalez used it to trace a path through the various periods of the artist's heterogeneous practice over the course of almost three decades, embodied in drawings, paintings, single-channel videos, video installations, and documentation.
"Manufacturing is little more than a convenient hobbyhorse when votes are needed," said one chap.
The game of knights is popular in my home as my 6-year-old is learning the strategies while her 3-year-old brother acts out iron-clad battles atop a hobbyhorse, wielding a paper sword and armored in his gray fleece pullover.
On CNN, Piers Morgan, a citizen of the United Kingdom, used the killings to advance his years-long hobbyhorse of turning America into a colony again, this time of the U.K.'s Orwellian modern police state, beginning with taking away our guns.
FOR someone who has made trendsetting her hobbyhorse, Sonam Kapoor once again gave the paparazzi a field day at the press conference of the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council and India Trade Promotion Organisation, held at Shangri- La's Eros Hotel ons Tuesday.
Cokes then announces that Puppet Dionysius is now his 'hobbyhorse' (135-6).
His latest hobbyhorse is the eurozone crisis and, for once, the Chancellor has reason to moan.
Of late, it seems, Jane Austen has become everyone's favorite hobbyhorse. Where before the principal battle lines were drawn over whether or not she was a protofeminist a la Mary Wollstonecraft or a dutiful and subservient daughter of the patriarchy, whether her underlying convictions were conservative or subversive, or even whether she wrote as a member of the eighteenth-century Neoclassical Enlightenment or as a fellow traveler of Romanticism's Wordsworth and Coleridge, now she seems to have climbed in bed with zombies and sea monsters.
For early twentieth-century elite musicians and intellectuals, the danza was a favored hobbyhorse. Chavier hated it, writing in 1906 that the general popularity of the genre was owing to the public proclivity for "la musica que conmueve mas fuerte nuestras fibras nerviosas" (p.