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an awkward bad-mannered adolescent boy

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During a debate on the ministerial code of conduct, he said it was his duty to "cite a toe-rag here and hobbledehoy there to help people concentrate their minds on some of the types of people in this assembly".
'I claim to be in a position to recognize the Hampstead woman, the lady from Lee or Lewisham, the man from Clapham, the gentleman from Surbiton, or the hobbledehoy from Bedford Park at sight [ldots] Like the class above them, the suburbans desired of all things to be 'smart'.
Yet, halfway along what is perhaps called the 'Golden Mile' because that is the colour of the spray-on tans sported by the girls who frequent the area, stands Pushkar, a stylish and grown-up sort of place, the large windows of which allow grumps like me to peruse the hobbledehoy striding past and to make snide comments.
It had been otherwise in the two self-portraits he painted at the age of twenty-three: an intent hobbledehoy peering through his tousled hair in the version at the Alte Pinakothek; and in the version in the Germanisches Museum at Nuremberg, staring out proudly but not with utter confidence, pleased with the bronze gorget which supports the fine but crumpled lace-collar common to both pictures.
Trollope, and reveals in Anthony's comments a knowing and literary young man rather different from the hobbledehoy Trollope describes in An Autobiography.
As usual, the hobbledehoys of the city celebrated Azadi from all sorts of manners, though the more grisly Azadi from life itself, through fatal wheelies, was missing.
Hardly a man or woman with any pretensions to selfrespect could be seen at the Mop last Monday, and the thousands were composed of shouting hobbledehoys, screaming girls, drunken men and shouting women.
They were hobbledehoys, my grandmother said, riff-raff all, and what is more, respectable people did not go there, or at least, did not like to be seen going there - only the Rodneys from the Rhondda Valley.
They must play against the Hobbledehoys, headed by Coyote, the inventor of baseball.
Moreover, in Swift the "tough and lean" schoolboys are rejected as food; analogously in Lamb, porcine "hobbledehoys" are spurned.
Second, he saw that the regular army would no longer be able to serve as a source of employment for the thousands of impoverished eighteen and nineteen year olds ("hungry hobbledehoys") who usually volunteered in the midst of winter.(75) R.B.