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Tripwire-like hobblebush, mountain-ash, and striped maple are the dominant understory trees.
On the ground, biodiversity has shrunk dramatically--some 50 species, including Jack-in-the-pulpit, red elderberry and hobblebush, are gone, replaced largely by ferns.
The forest understory is composed primarily of the saplings of the canopy trees, along with hobblebush (Viburnum alnifolium), striped maple (A.
The prevailing underwoods were: Dirca palustris (moosewood), Acer spicatum (mountain maple), Viburnum lantanoides (hobblebush), and frequently Taxus baccata, var.
There's been the small of hobblebush blooming, the taste of a beech sapling's buds, the songs of indigo buntings and scarlet tanagers back from the tropics, of towhees and ovenbirds, kingbirds and orioles.
wild petunias, and hobblebush. Staghorns have pushed out on the sumacs.