hobble skirt

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a long skirt very narrow below the knees, worn between 1910 and 1914

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Their floors were intentionally kept low because women in New York, at that time, would wear hobble skirts which were quite narrow below the knees.
The binding of the legs persisted with the notorious "hobble skirt" introduced in 1908, which had an extremely narrow hemline around the ankles that inhibited walking.
Yes, I freed the bust, but I shackled the leg"--a reference to the hobble skirt shown in Figure 5.(8) The new fashions required a different style of corset to conform to an up-and-down figure, but it reached almost to the knees, making sitting down difficult.
By 1913 a new silhouette created by designer Paul Poiret had revolutionized fashion, comprising a hobble skirt, relatively small hat and free-flowing figure.
ITeddy Girls wore drape jackets, pencil skirts, hobble skirts, long plaits, rolled-up jeans, flat shoes and tailored jackets - similar to a Teddy Boy or Teds.
Continuing in that vein, AW15 was a study A in texture and form, inspired, she said, by the Victorians - hence the opening slew of [euro]ared-hem hobble skirts and the saturated damask and paisley prints.
She says: "There won't be a return to hobble skirts and cumbersome petticoats, but there could be a revival of the shapes and styles of the Edwardian and Victorian eras.
It fulminated against doctors; vivisection; hobble skirts ("Don't cry, Tommy; it's only a woman"); marriage of American girls to foreign fortune-hunters; and ticket speculators.
We've all suffered those killer heels, hobble skirts and girdles that cut you in two to get the effect that nature would've intended had she not been such a sadist.