hoary marmot

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large North American mountain marmot

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The old-timers hunted sheep because they loved sheep, because they loved to be up on those high windswept ridges where they shared the pastures with the sheep, the grizzly, the hoary marmot, the soaring eagle.
Denali is home to grizzly bears, Dall sheep, wolves, moose and caribou, and smaller animals, such as snowshoe hare, hoary marmot, pika, and arctic ground squirrel.
And the high-elevation habitats that wolverines favor are home to colonies of flower-munching megarodents: hoary marmots. These alpine versions of woodchucks, or groundhogs, can weigh as much as 20 pounds, and they have bands of contrasting colors in their fur and a fairly long, thick tail somewhat like wolverines do.
In the case of hoary marmots, a social living animal of the North West, much like an eastern Woodchuck, males show all the characteristics we have noted: guarding their mates as much as they can and they make forays into the larger groups in search of EPCs.
Black bears, brown bears, caribou, hoary marmots, and brown lemmings died within or were dragged into On Your Knees Cave in the millennia preceding the last glacial maximum.