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Synonyms for hoary

Synonyms for hoary

belonging to, existing, or occurring in times long past

Synonyms for hoary

showing characteristics of age, especially having grey or white hair



Related Words

covered with fine whitish hairs or down

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Mrs Sheilagh Hoary revealed how she had been turned into a nervous wreck after the spate of calls - one day she received 56 nuisance calls in a 12-hour period.
By pulling up cores of this hoary ice, scientists can trace how conditions have changed.
The hoary question of deference is only really evoked by a particularly poignant anecdote about Sir William Holles not wishing his daughter to marry an earl because he is "reluctant to stand with .
the heart beats and is beaten, smoke follows lightly as the breath of a sleeper, and the dawn is hoary with dew.
You'll instantly emerge from the crowd of communicators who harbor misplaced faith in hoary and time-worn practices.
Something in me imagines you a large success under an alias in some muddy, raw post-bellum town, a small-time patriarch without a past, hoary, with a row of grandchildren.
The number of captures of Eastern Red Bats in northern Alberta were similar to those of Hoary Bat (Lasiurus cinereus), suggesting that the species may be more common than previously thought.
In this challenging film Woolcock also meets academics and historians to question attitudes to blood sports and the way our treatment of dogs as commodities defies the hoary old cliche of Britain as a nation of animal lovers.
THAT hoary old chestnut raised its head again this week - that Huddersfield is the largest town in Britain.
Predictably he trots out the hoary old argument about British labour costs.
He was quite prophetic was the hoary old Crazy Horse.
I thought this world couldn't shock me any more, but sadly I keep being proved incorrect, and yet another mockery of the hoary old adage of 'football is a matter of life and death?
* SIR - "Ambition is critical" is a splendid slogan for Plaid Cymru to have chosen for its election manifesto ("'Ambition is critical' in Plaid vision", April 12), but, in attributing these words to Dylan Thomas, Plaid leader Ieuan Wyn Jones is launching a new urban myth on the back of a hoary old one.
A once-lionized Broadway director makes an attempted comeback after flopping in Hollywood in "Meeting Spencer," an arch setpiece that feels like a frisky revival of a hoary chestnut.
I waited for the hoary old chestnut about that mythical pub where everyone turns to Welsh when they walked in but not this time thankfully.