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Synonyms for hoarsely

in a hoarse or husky voice


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he finally yelped hoarsely before crawling to his feet and limping back up the stairs.
Your dry mouth doing wonders for your acting skills, do you whisper hoarsely that you have unfortunately had about of D and V overnight (diarrhoea and vomiting) but hope to be in the following day?
We tumbled over the side and landed on wet sand, with Johnson shouting hoarsely, "Damn it, spread out, spread out and move forward.
It's a sad day for all of us," said Paul Janensch, executive editor of The Courier-Journal and The Louisville Times, hoarsely addressing several hundred somber co-workers who had jammed the company cafeteria to consider their uncertain future.
A large, silver-backed grizzly bear swaggered out of the trees, eyeing me suspiciously and grunting hoarsely as he circled to get my wind.
Kobna Holdbrook-Smith's Laertes runs in screaming hoarsely, gun drawn.
It cannot be, he whispers hoarsely, it just cannot be, we were up by two.
No amount of effort in the costume and make-up department of the nursery - armed with face paints and several tea towels - could rescue a rather irreligious scene as he, by turns, nodded off and barked hoarsely during the miracle birth and its wondrous aftermath.
A hysterical hoarsely whispered response almost deafened him: "Two things.
So I fell unwillingly into this new dispensation: crouching against a barren wall beside the intersection, weeping hoarsely while the man with the scooter searched for a camera in his pocket to film me.
At the story's end, her husband weeps, declaring, "'Why, mother,' he said, hoarsely, 'I hadn't no idee you was so set on't as all this comes to" (74, 77, 78).
In an amateur video posted online, a man held up to the camera a severed foot from the air raids, while crowds scrambled among rubble, hoarsely shouting "God is Great
He would vow hoarsely that he would wait no longer.
or are you the one who answers hoarsely "We won - again