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Synonyms for hoariness

a silvery-white color


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great age (especially grey or white with age)

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The analogy has been drawn, almost to the point of hoariness, that the above examples are akin to compelling a Jewish or black businessman to service a Nazi or KKK affair.
Al-Thaalibl's goal in this work is to quote witticisms in poetry and prose "demonstrating" that what is commonly held as ugly is in fact beautiful (e.g., hoariness) and vice versa (e.g., intelligence), therefore not replacing given expressions with new ones seeking to beautify or uglify them, but rather declaring their value to be diametrically opposed to common belief.
As early as 838, Agobard of Lyons insisted that 'too many singers study from earliest youth until the hoariness of old age' to learn their chants; as a result they neglect 'readings and the study of divine eloquence: It would be easy to assume, on the basis of this complaint, that there was a 'need' for notation that scribes found a way to meet in a process that continued for centuries afterwards.
A company of Prophets, of venerable hoariness, dressed in golden coats and mantles, with their heads covered and wrapped in gold and crimson, [who] sang with sweet harmony, bowing to the ground, a psalm of thanksgiving [...] Beneath the covering were the twelve kings, martyrs and confessors of the succession of England, their loins girded with golden girdles, sceptres in their hands, and crowns on their heads, who chaunted with one accord at the King's approach in a sweet tune [...].
There's an overdose of miming here, which keeps the production from completely shedding the hoariness of "Our Town." But on the positive side, the directors keep up a quick pace.