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Synonyms for hoar

ice crystals forming a white deposit (especially on objects outside)

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showing characteristics of age, especially having grey or white hair

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Andy Hoar designed the Combine research to follow the rigorous assessment process that pro sports leagues use to evaluate the skills of prospective draft candidates.
Camels for years to come will remember the Blyth stop, the Saunders catch, the Mason stumpings, the Hoar half-centuries, and, probably the most vivid of all -- the Axtell century.
That experience is aided by the fact that there is so much more that people can do online, according to Hoar. "When you're talking to a human, there's only so much that person knows," he explains.
need to know || | BEN TURNER visited Hoar Cross Hall Spa Resort as a guest of the owners.
Hoar voiced appreciation for Jordan's stance under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II to confront terrorist organizations and provide services to the Syrian refugees.
O'Connell Robertson is the architect and Hoar Construction is the construction manager.
"Storied Salvage was birthed from the idea that America's rich heritage--and particularly that of the Deep South--needs not only to be preserved, but restored," says Hoar. "By giving new meaning and purpose to old things with rare vintage artifacts and reclaimed lumber, Storied Salvage ventures to build a better tomorrow."
Ca+2 helps in clotting of blood takes part in contraction of muscles controls the excitability of nerves and also is involved in certain hormone activity (Hoar and Randall 2001).
Attorney Sean Hoar of Eugene said Thursday that the new indictment incorporates an additional charge of conspiracy to traffic in counterfeit goods against Bettencourt and three other defendants.
Hoar frost, I thought to myself, while having no idea what that actually meant.
More than 110 years ago, Senator George Hoar (Rep-Mass) spoke on the Senate floor to denounce U.S.
RESIDENTS, family, friends, staff and local people were all walking on sunshine last weekend as Hoar Cross Nursing Home put on the biggest summer fair in its history.
Superintendents at Hoar Construction (Birmingham, Ala.) decided to delve into the complexities of these projects and figure out what steps can alleviate some of their inherent challenges.
ISLAND TREE IN HOAR FROST, Rannoch Moor, Scotland, by David Breen