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a large sandwich made of a long crusty roll split lengthwise and filled with meats and cheese (and tomato and onion and lettuce and condiments)

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Taking place on Friday, May 5, National Hoagie Day will celebrate all kinds of delicious sandwiches, no matter what it's called in each individual city.
If it looked intimidating to begin with it became more manageable when halved and I dived straight in, enjoying the lovely fusion of textures from the crispy hoagie to the lean hot meat with the oozing cheese providing a subtle aftertaste.
If you've just been hammered by Novak Djokovic, what would you feel like eating: a cucumber sandwich or a prime rib hoagie? Wimbledon needs a chili sauce and meat revolution.
Obama, before taking seven more sandwiches back to the White House to share with a lunch with Congressional leaders, had ordered for himself a Spruce Street, a turkey hoagie prepared with prosciutto, roasted red peppers and provolone.
Campaigners are to write to around 300 chip shops, burger vans and other fast-food outlets near schools to ask them to bin hoagies and offer healthier choices.
From classic French and Italian breads to Kaiser and Hoagie rolls, Exact Bake[TM] promises to reduce shrink, reduce out-of-stocks and simplify training, all while delivering the flavor and consistency consumers associate with fresh-baked, quality breads
You see a hoagie, a grinder, a sub, and a hero are one and the same thing.
"Operation" is slang for cutting the carbs in bagels and hoagie rolls by pulling the dough out of the inside and leaving enough of shell or crust to hold the lox and cream cheese, or the ham, provolone, and peppers.
Rich's[R] Full Line of fresh rolls include such tasty assortments as the Egg Onion Roll Dough, Hoagie Roll, and Fully Baked Golden Poppyseed Kaiser.
The New Fully Cooked Beef Hoagie Kits are now beginning to be placed in retail locations.
First Congregational Church of Dundee, "The Church on the Hill," to hold hoagie sandwich sale, Dundee Scots' "secret" recipe
This sputtering hit-and-miss-and-miss comedy opens with Hoagie Malloy (Ed Helms) telling us in voice-over narration how he and his four buds have played tag for 30 years, starting in grade school.
The District also will have a streamlined menu (hint: it's hoagies), and regularly will funnel money to two nonprofit organizations.