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Synonyms for ho-hum

so lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness

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The thinking and relational dispositions and motivation to keep current with technology were clearly identified, but one theme emerged from these lengthy interviews that intrigued us--the concept of the ho-hum librarian.
Space marines are sent to investigate an intergalactic massacre in this sci-fi horror best described as a ho-hum hybrid of Aliens and Event Horizon.
The roomy, upper level master has a fireplace, a vaulted exposed beam ceiling and French doors to a private balcony and incorporates a spacious if stylishly ho-hum bathroom.
Ben Affleck: | After a series of ho-hum comedies, Affleck flexed his acting muscle with Oscar winner Argo and, more recently, hit thriller Gone Girl.
Ben Affleck - After a series of ho-hum comedies, Affleck flexed his acting muscle with thriller |Argo and, more recently, Gone Girl.
New York, Sha'ban 14, 1435, Jun 12, 2014, SPA -- The US stock market is opening slightly lower after some ho-hum data on the U.S.
Some of the Toy Story stunts in the past have been a bit ho-hum, like the Plasticine garden or the Lego house, but this is genuinely a blast, albeit a slow-motion blast.
When his colleague Sam (Matthew Baynton, with James, below) picks up a threatening message on someone else's phone - 'If you are not here by five o'clock, we will kill your wife' - it's the moment Phil's been waiting for to break out of his ho-hum life.
The fact is that it is normal for sex to be a little ho-hum for one or both spouses up to 15 percent of the time, Fox News reported.
Charlotte Bobcats basketball team owner, hoops legend and ho-hum golfer Michael Jordan just planted a flag next to the seventh hole of the posh Peninsula Golf Club of Cornelius, N.C.
Ho-hum. Apparently, that's what many IHOP diners think of the chain's Original French Toast.
As a result, the council has not had to get out its budget ax to come up with money for its priorities, and its review has been a rather ho-hum exercise so far.
For example, salvage eye-catching buttons or buckles from a bygone era to jazz up a ho-hum sweater or purse.
Billow's gentle rhyming speech is characterized by the following: "I smiled down on them all,/ and then I moved on./ They'd found the treasures/ That were there all along./ Beneath the surface of their ho-hum lives,/ People discovered life is full--when lived, not just survived." Pastel illustrations help Billow deliver his gentle message to children ages 4 and up.