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Synonyms for hives

an itchy skin eruption characterized by weals with pale interiors and well-defined red margins

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It'll make the Hive hot, but we can't have Death's Headers in the middle of our honey-flow.
In the first place, I never heard of a Death's Header coming into a hive.
The safety of the Hive is the highest thing I've ever heard of.
The workers chew them (they are useless unchewed) into the all-supporting, all-embracing Wax of the Hive.
The old Queen was trying to tell what she had been told of the Bee Master's dealings with an infected hive in the apiary, two or three seasons ago; and, of course, from her point of view the affair was as important as the Day of Judgment.
One albino, for instance, divided the number of pounds of honey in stock by the number of bees in the Hive, and proved that if every bee only gathered honey for seven and three quarter minutes a day, she would have the rest of the time to herself, and could accompany the drones on their mating flights.
Curiously enough the age-old instinct of loyalty and devotion towards the Hive made the sound bees do this, though their reason told them they ought to slip away and unite with some other healthy stock in the apiary.
In the neighbourhood of the hives a vast activity prevailed.
Yet when Nutty, poor darling, went within a dozen yards of the hives he never failed to suffer for it.
What I meant was that I invited your Mr Chalmers to help me open a hive, and he said "Rather
You can't let him in for a ghastly thing like opening a hive.
She inserted in the fire-chamber a handful of the cotton-waste and set fire to it; then with a preliminary puff or two of the bellows to make sure that the conflagration had not gone out, she aimed the nozzle at the front door of the hive.
She seated herself beside the hive and began to loosen the outside section.
The bees tumbled off in a dense shower, asking questions to the last; then, sighting the familiar entrance to the hive, they bustled in without waiting to investigate the cause of the earthquake.
But I better hive it to- night if I can, because the doctor maybe hasn't let up as much as he lets on he has; he might scare them out of here yet.