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Synonyms for hive




Synonyms for hive

to bring together so as to increase in mass or number

Synonyms for hive

a teeming multitude

a man-made receptacle that houses a swarm of bees

a structure that provides a natural habitation for bees


Related Words

move together in a hive or as if in a hive

gather into a hive

References in classic literature ?
The Oddities crawled in and a Voice behind a Veil said: "I've neglected the old Hive too long.
The Hive shook beneath the shattering thunder of a stuck-down quilt being torn back.
Light broke in the top of the hive as the Queen had, prophesied--naked light on the boiling, bewildered bees.
The Hive was half hidden by smoke, and Figures moved through the smoke.
"Why, this isn't a hive! This is a museum of curiosities," said the Voice behind the Veil.
As frame after frame followed it, the swarm beheld the upheaval, exposure, and destruction of all that had been well or ill done in every cranny of their Hive for generations past.
The Figures stooped, lifted the Hive and shook it upside down over the pyre.
The shell of the Hive was returned to its place, a light was set in its sticky emptiness, tier by tier the Figures built it up, closed the entrance, and went away.
I should think not!" Melissa had all a sound bee's hereditary hatred against the big, squeaking, feathery Thief of the Hives. "Tumble out!" she called across the youngsters' quarters.
"Those three know all that there is to be known about making hives. One or t'other of 'em must have made ours, and if they've made it, they're bound to look after it.
In the neighbourhood of the hives a vast activity prevailed.
Yet when Nutty, poor darling, went within a dozen yards of the hives he never failed to suffer for it.
In spite of the cold, wet, long winter, the small feral colony that we installed in a single shallow Langstroth hive body (no super) in the midst of cool-season haying about four years ago thrived, and so did the bees occupying the traps still in the trees.
Experion PKS HIVE uses Honeywell's LEAP project execution principles, software and networking to unchain control applications from physical equipment, and controllers from physical IO.
Chris Pearson, partner at Gavin Black & Partners, joint agent with Tony Wordsworth, Avison Young, advising Taras, says Hive is an exciting prospect for the city centre, having just secured PS1.2m investment in a round led by SME finance provider Maven Capital Partners Mr Pearson said: "We understand this will support further growth of the business," says Mr Pearson.