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(baseball) a measure of a batter's performance

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050 hitting average in the final two sets while hitting .
The house prices reflect a slump in the housing market brought on by the recession, with only one street hitting average prices of over pounds 1m compared to three last year.
Mike, the superb lead-off hitter for the Mountaineers, who leads the league in hitting average, said, "We're doing real well now.
Anaheim's Darin Erstad and Houston's Richard Hidalgo were among the players who improved their hitting average dramatically in 2000.
420 hitting average to lead Oregon State as the Beavers handed sixth-ranked Michigan its first volleyball loss of the season Saturday while winning the Michigan Invitational tournament title.
In that match, Rourke led once again with 24 kills and a hitting average of .
232 hitting average compared with Cascade College's minus-.
367 hitting average was replaced by Stacey Hudson, who was hitting .
Allyson Leavitt's 11 kills led Oregon, which had a better hitting average than Washington in the first game (.
Oregon's hitting average on Thursday was a season-low negative-.
556 hitting average and posted seven blocks as the Oregon State volleyball team came from behind to beat Oral Roberts 27-30, 31-29, 30-19, 30-23 on Friday.
Mason also recorded team bests in hitting average (.